March 2013

These and other works added to the site were drawn in different years in different countries. Most of them have never been published and have not been presented at exhibitions in Russia. Unfortunately, only a few paintings were qualitatively reshot at the time. But now we have the opportunity to show them on the site. All these works should form the basis of the artist’s new album, the working title of which is “From the tundra to the jungle”.

Колибри и шмели. Аляска

Hummingbirds and bumblebees. Alaska. 

Руины храма. Бандагар. Индия

The ruins of the temple. Bandagar. India. 

Гидролог Геннадий Павлович. Метеостанция. Карское побережье

Hydrologist Gennady Pavlovich. Weather station. Kara coast. 

Утки морянки

Sea ducks. 

Очковый медведь и красная мухоловка. Перу

A spectacled bear and a red flycatcher. Peru