“I have been to Kazakhstan many times. With my friends Ralph Pfeffer and Oleg Belyalov, we traveled tens of thousands of kilometers through this amazing, stunningly beautiful country. As a memory of our travels, I have many field watercolors and sketches drawn right there – in the steppes , deserts and mountains, on the banks of rivers and lakes. Even after many years in Moscow, looking at field drawings from nature, I return to those places, feel and see what I saw then. And I paint large easel works”

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  “You know, I’ve been wanting to draw for a long time… When I was skiing in my youth… you come back from Vysokoye, there is a bent tree there – a birch. Shake the snow off it. You can sit down to relax without even taking off your skis. You’ll break the branches. Oak…. Read More

JUNE 2023

Usually, for each painting, the artist makes many sketches. Sometimes they can be very different from the final picture. Some (but not all) sketches for the painting “On the Cranberry”

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2023 January

Cats of Russia: Amur tigers. Moonlight night. Canvas, oil. 70 * 105 cm

November 2022

The Far-Eastern wildcat (Prionailurus bengalensis euptilurus)

JULY 2022

(РУ) В Верхнем парке Липецка (бульвар Виктора Сорокина) 26 июля открылась выставка Вадима Горбатова «Заветные места». Здесь, прямо на улице, можно увидеть некоторые работы художника, отпечатанные в большом размере. Реализация проекта стала возможной благодаря поддержке администрации города Липецк, природного парка Олений и галереи современного искусства «Буксир». Выставка будет открыта до конца лета, потом экспозицию перевезут в другой парк.

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