Выдры и зимородок

I was asked quite often:

How do you draw all of this? Did you really see all these animals and birds? And were they sitting and waiting until you will finish to draw them?

– Naturally, yes. I saw! Meetings took place, which were imprinted in my memory for entire life. And certainly not! They did not sit and did not wait.

To draw wild animal in nature is a rare luck! More often anyone can see tracks, sometimes silhouette of the animals who are running away or to hear the sound of wings of the bird who is flying away… Read more…

Вадим Горбатов





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Vadim Gorbatov in the studio


Vadim Alekseevich Gorbatov is a painter, graphic artist, book artist. His work is dedicated to the world of animals and the relationship between man and nature. The authenticity of the artist’s works is the result of personal impressions and thousands of full-scale sketches made in nature. Together with zoologists, photographers, cameramen and hunters, the artist visited different parts of the earth: from the polar tundras of Siberia and Alaska to the jungles of Cambodia and Ecuador. Vadim Gorbatov is a candidate of art history, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a member of the Union of Wildlife Artists of Great Britain.  Further…

Many articles have been written about the work of Vadim Gorbatov. The artist has repeatedly appeared on radio and television. The famous zoologist and writer Gerald Durrell shot a story about the work of Vadim Gorbatov, which was included in the documentary series “Darrell in Russia”, which was shown in different countries. In this section, you can read notes and articles about the artist, get acquainted with video materials. Read more…